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At our core, we take great pride in delivering high-quality early education within a natural, unhurried environment. Respect is not just a word we use; it permeates every aspect of our approach to nurturing our tamariki and creating a learning environment they can truly call their own.

Country Kidz serves a vibrant community hub nestled in the expansive rural landscape of Mokai. Our commitment lies in fostering respectful relationships with our whānau and broader community, where open communication and inclusivity are highly valued.

We deeply acknowledge and honor the unique position of Māori as tangata whenua. We actively support all tamariki and their whānau in developing strong cultural identities as we collectively strive towards shared cultural understanding. Our learning environment embraces te reo and tikanga as essential to nurturing kotahitanga.

Our rural setting provides an enriching backdrop for igniting wonder, exploration, and whakamana where tamariki have agency to lead their own learning journey. We recognise Papatūānuku, as a significant teacher, offering boundless opportunities for development and growth. At Country Kidz, the weather never hinders our tamariki freedoms to explore. We utilise our local parks, bushlands, and farms as integral parts of our wider commitment to a strong local and place-based curriculum.

Tamariki hold the directorial roles in our learning program. We firmly believe that play is a powerful form of learning—a means of experimenting, exploring, and constructing understanding through trial and error. Tamariki learn best through active engagement. We respect their voices, provide ample time for unhurried discovery, and carefully observe and listen to them. This allows us to create an environment that reflects their unique strengths and interests. Core curriculum components such as literacy, numeracy, science, and the arts are interwoven throughout our play and daily rhythms.

Central to our mission is the provision of exceptional education and care. By supporting tamariki to freely explore and play, we aspire to lay a foundation for lifelong learning and leadership. We are dedicated to nurturing capable, curious individuals who will thrive as they embark on their educational journey and beyond.  As part of this commitment, we also prioritise the provision of dedicated time and space for small group learning, with tamariki organised into three distinct developmental age groups.

Nature Kidz

Our vibrant four year olds embark on weekly excursions carefully crafted to enhance the skills and values we consider essential for their successful transition to primary school. Through these outings, we empower our tamariki to take the lead in their learning and follow their interests in a stimulating environment where they can develop confidence, resilience, perseverance, responsibility, and social-emotional competence.

Our Nature Kidz program is specifically designed to offer our older tamariki the time and space they need to explore and gain a broader understanding of the world around them. We venture into various locations within our community, providing a diverse array of environments that spark intrigue, wonder, and problem-solving opportunities. These excursions take place in small group settings, fostering teamwork, encouraging trial and error, and facilitating personal growth through extended periods of independent exploration

Koru Kidz

Every week, our enthusiastic three year olds embark on exciting excursions to our Pump Track, where they engage in exploration and enjoy a picnic lunch. These small group outings are designed to enhance and instil important values such as self-awareness and early leadership abilities. Our goal is to empower our tamariki to take ownership of their learning, pursue their interests, and thrive in a dynamic environment that fosters curiosity and awe-inspiring experiences.

Our Koru Kidz program provides our three-year-olds with opportunities to explore and deepen their understanding of the wider world. These adventures not only aim to foster teamwork and encourage experimentation but also embrace the delightful surprises that our Pump Track often presents. By enabling extended periods of independent exploration, we strongly believe that we can nurture personal growth and cultivate a genuine love for learning at this crucial developmental age.

Pākiki Kidz

Three times a term, our energetic 0-3 year olds embark on gentle explorations to our Pump Track, to ignite wonder and enjoy morning kai. These small group outings are designed to nurture essential skills and values that contribute to a growing sense of self and early development. We empower our tamariki to take the lead in their own learning, encouraging them to follow their interests within a dynamic environment that sparks awareness and cultivates a marvellous sense of curiosity.

Our Pākiki Kidz program is carefully tailored to provide our youngest learners with opportunities to explore and deepen their understanding of belonging, object permanence, and the wonder of changing environments. These adventures are crafted to encourage playful experimentation, and embrace the delight of a new learning space. By providing periods of exploration away from older tamariki, we wholly believe this helps facilitates personal growth and nurtures a stronger sense identity for this formative developmental stage.

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